It  has been a while since I talked about the guys of Well, at Footfriends, they’ve had the time to hire fucking hot guys !

Let me introduce you (I wish it could be not just litteraly) to AJ at the top of the pic underneath (this look ! ), Bradley on the left (this smile !), Oscar at the bottom (!) , Marco in the middle (this latin sex appeal !) and Justin (the one in suit further down – I love suit !).



And in details, here’s AJ, his huge shoes and feet !


Here’s Bradleyand his dirty feet


Here’s Oscar and his beautifull feet


Here’s Marco, and his green socks


Here’s Justin and his suit, his skate shoes and socks

Click the pics if you want to see more 😉


Since my last post on Footfriends’ feet, there has been a lot of new guys to lick.

Let’s see them.

Eric (upper guy),  Jackson (middle guy) and Jerry (lower guy) have sexy feet and body but I’m sure we can find better…

Artie (up), Boris (middle) and Darren (down), are sexier, specially Artie whose look is as nasty as I like. But let’s keep searching…

Tommy, size 10.  Maybe it’s the photos or maybe it’s him or both but he has the footjob appeal… can we find hotter ?


has fucking hot shoes, body, face, smile and size 13 feet  !
What else ?

Good night 😉

Meet from left to right Roscoe, Mitchell and Boris. Freshly shot by and for
I like more and more the photos that Footfriends send me, not only because I see boys and feet but because stories come to my mind when I see each boy and I want to tell about them to you – even if you just care for the feet and the boys (I know, I’m a foot fetishist too !).

Looks like the opening credits of Dallas. (Ok, I’m the only one laughing at this one)

Let’s start with the shoes. Mitchell has cool Nike but the picture showing the sole of Boris Fliflop make him win this contest. Roscoe show no shoes, too bad.

Then feet. Boris’ feet are not pretty but seems huge. Mitchell’s feets have the best shape and Roscoe’s one seem to have the smoothest soles. Mitchell wins this time.

Then the body. Boris has a hot body, well shaped and tanned. Mitchell is a bit too muscular. Roscoe is pale BUT  his has the most ‘welcoming ‘ body of the three (I can’t explain this statement). Boris 1 / Roscoe 1.

Then the perfect mix. Boris’ flipflop + Roscoe nasty eyes + Mitchell feet + Boris’ body + Roscoe softness

Now WORK !

Dallas end credits, hahahah, I like comedy rehearsal !

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Marty and Rahm are hot and have nice feet. That said, the shoes could be better !

Rahm is well built, has large feet (love it) and the nasty look/smile I like BUT
Rham wears ugly flipflop. Ok, that’s a detail we wouldn’t care about if Rham
was standing in front of us

Marty has an original style I like but the shoes are like the ones that my grandfather wore !
Though, I would not say no for a sniff 😉 presents Rick and Taylor. Well shaped and naughty ! Their eyes tell us they never say no to a blow job offer !

A size 11, cool. Ok for the ankle socks but NO the shoe (once more !).

He’s really cute. His smile make me want to jump in this false marble bathroom and lick his feet. Then we could play under water…

Brick on

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You like big feet and tough guys ? Brick is for you !
Ok, it’s the feet pay per view week-end. Tomorrow, 3 new guys 😉

And if you like Eddie, he’s back on  is quite prolific ! This time Rick, Sam and Van show us their shoes, socks and feet. Sam is my favorite. He has this nasty look I like…
Click on the photos to acces the preview galleries on


I like Rick’s Nike and ass (Oh wait, this is the same ass on Van’s photos… Whose ass are these ?).
Anyway,  Rick would make a good crusher with his shoes.

Sam (mmm !)

The shoes are NOT sexy. Do American have a shoe-design problem ?
That said, Sam wouldn’t stay with his shoes on a long time with me around 😉

(Heidi Montag brother ? lol)

Ok, that must be Van’s ass.
The feet are not that sexy. Maybe the green flipflops kills the all package…

Tagged with: (where you’ll find hot material for good price) is promoting the last guys who has shown their feet for our great pleasure. Here are the photos (and the sexy feet) they want to share with us (click the pic or the name of the model to acces the gallery preview).

This time we have Michael and Peter. Michael has big feet and the pitch says he « has got big gaps between his big and second toes. They’re the perfect size to stroke two cocks at once... ». I think Michael’s feet are not pretty but this gap idea is kind of hot. Like the pitch says « He may be big and strong, but Peter keeps his sensitive feet smooth and ready for action« . I wouldn’t have said better.



Tagged with: (where you’ll find hot material for good price) is promoting the last guys who has shown their feet for our great pleasure. Here are the photos (and the sexy feet) they want to share with us (click the pic or the name of the model to acces the gallery preview).


(You don’t care about my comments but I give them anyway ;))
Eddie is not my favorite but his skate shoes are sexy and his feet seem so soft. I wouldn’t say no to a good lick.


Size 10 ! 
I don’t like the socks but Franck’s look on the photos let me think that I would not need to ask him twice to fuck me (…)


Joe is cute and well shaped. He has sexy tanned feet. That said, I refuse these flipflop.


Size 12 !
The boots may broke the sexyness of Luca, I love his smile anyway. 
I know this smile means Luca could drive me crazy in bed. That’s hot !


Mark has long feet. He breathe sex.
The same as Joe : NO to these flipflop !


Sam his cute and has this kind of naïve look I like. Though, he has the least sexy feet of lot.
But we would not say no, wouldn’t we ?

More guys on

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